Fresno Cycling Club

Promoting safe and lawful bicycle riding for recreation and transportation

2017 Event Schedule

Date Event FCC Sponsored
1/1/2017 FCC New Year's Day Ride
1/7/2017 FCC Ride - Pacific Grove
2/25/2017 Raymond 200K Brevet
3/4/2017 Blossom Trail Ride  
3/11/2017 Balch Camp 200K Brevet
3/11/2017 Solvang Century  
3/18/2017 Solvang Double  
4/1/2017 Bass Lake 300K Brevet
4/1/2017 California Classic Century  
4/8/2017 SLOBC Wildflower Century  
4/15/2017 Mountain House 200K Brevet
4/20/2017 Sea Otter Classic  
4/23/2017 Primavera Century  
4/30/2017 Chico Wildflower Century  
5/6/2017 Kirch Flat Century
5/7/2017 Napa Valley Tour de Cure  
5/20/2017 Davis Double  
5/20/2017 Hungry Buzzard Century  
5/26/2017 Great Western Bicycle Rally  
6/3/2017 Clovis to Kings Canyon 200K Brevet
6/4/2017 Kings Canyon to Clovis 200K Brevet
6/4/2017 America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride - Lake Tahoe  
6/11/2017 First Annual Killer Bees Swarm (Ride)
6/24/2017 Climb to Kaiser
7/29/2017 Tour de Lakes
8/19/2017 FCC Coastal Lighthouse Training Ride
8/19/2017 Cool Breeze Century (Ventura)  
9/4/2017 Tandem / Recumbent Ride
9/9/2017 FCC Annual Picnic
9/10/2017 Tour de Tahoe  
9/16/2017 Tour de Fresno  
9/30/2017 Levi's Gran Fondo  
10/7/2017 Sacramento Century  
10/7/2017 The Jensie Gran Fondo of Marin  
Grizzly Century  
10/14/2017 Bass Lake Double Century
10/14/2017 SLOBC Lighthouse Century  
10/28/2017 Fall Color Yosemite Ride
11/10/2017 McKellar Family Farms Citrus Classic
11/11/2017 FCC Sacramento River Ride
12/2/2017 FCC San Luis Obispo Vineyards to the Sea
12/9/2017 FCC Christmas Party
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